Navitat Partners with The American Chestnut Foundation

Navitat Asheville is proud to announce a new and growing (literally!) partnership with The American Chestnut Foundation.

On Monday, November 5, members of The American Chestnut Foundation and Navitat Canopy Adventures came together to plant a Demonstration Orchard on-site at Navitat Asheville. The orchard is designed to share the story of the decline of the American chestnut tree, decimated by a blight in the early 1900s, and show how the Foundation is working to restore this important species.

For years to come, Navitat guests will have a unique opportunity to see firsthand the Foundation’s process of breeding and reintroducing a tree that is blight resistant while retaining nearly all the traits of a pure American chestnut.

Sharing the wonder of trees with each and every guest is one of Navitat’s primary goals. Understanding the story of the American chestnut, and gaining insight into how we can help to restore it, is just one way to build connections between people and trees. Ultimately, we hope the orchard serves as a conversation starter for the more than 20,000 guests who visit Navitat Asheville annually. And, of course, we hope folks walk away with a renewed sense of appreciation for trees, the living giants all around us.

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