The Blue Ridge Experience ridge-to-ridge zipline opens in May

NAVITAT CANOPY ADVENTURES reaches new heights in 2014 with the launch of an unprecedented mountaintop zipline experience.

Called NAVITAT’s Blue Ridge Experience, the tour is a fun wild ride high above the forest floor, from mountain ridgetop to ridgetop, and an adrenaline-packed complement to NAVITAT’s successful and nationally acclaimed original tour.

“We are thrilled to be launching the Blue Ridge Experience tour in 2014,” said Abby Burt, NAVITAT Branding & Marketing Leader. “Get ready for some of the highest and longest ziplines in the Southeast, jaw-dropping speeds, incredible views and a whole lot of fun.”

NAVITAT CANOPY ADVENTURES, a high-adventure zipline canopy tour just minutes from downtown Asheville, N.C., is launching an unprecedented mountaintop tour in 2014. Currently under construction, the Blue Ridge Experience will be a fun wild ride high above the forest floor, from mountain ridgetop to ridgetop, and an adrenaline-packed complement to NAVITAT’s successful and nationally acclaimed original tour, pictured here. Blue Ridge Experience tours start April 15. [NAVITAT CANOPY ADVENTURES, a high-adventure zipline canopy tour just minutes from downtown Asheville, N.C., is launching an unprecedented mountaintop tour in 2014. Currently under construction, the Blue Ridge Experience will be a fun wild ride high above the forest floor, from mountain ridgetop to ridgetop, and an adrenaline-packed complement to NAVITAT’s successful and nationally acclaimed original tour, pictured here. Blue Ridge Experience tours start May 10.

NAVITAT’s Blue Ridge Experience features three pairs of dual “racing-style” ziplines, with riders zooming alongside each other against the panoramic backdrop of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The zips are long — from 1,100 feet to nearly three-quarters of a mile — and high — up to 350 feet off the ground.

“This tour is all about flying high and flying fast,” said Burt. “It’s an experience that’s just as suited to families and ziplining novices, as it is thrill-seekers.”

The new tour is equipped with a special braking system that automatically reduces the speed of the rider as he approaches the end of the zipline, allowing him to focus exclusively on the experience and the views.

The Blue Ridge Experience is the latest addition at NAVITAT. The original tour, opened in 2010 and now called Moody Cove Adventure, features a tree-based course of 10 ziplines, sky bridges, rappelling and forest hikes. It has been called one of the best zipline canopy tours in the nation by USA TODAY and Outdoor magazine, and a must-do activity in Asheville by the New York Times.

“We think the Blue Ridge Experience is the perfect complement to our original tour,” said Burt. “Where the Moody Cove Adventure puts you up in and among the trees, the new tour is about flying high above the forest, through wide open spaces.”

Blue Ridge Experience tours begin May 10 and run daily through November. Cost for this new zip experience is $79 per person any day of the week. The Moody Cove Adventure tour returns for another season March 22. Cost is $89 per person Sunday through Friday, and $99 on Saturdays and holidays. Reservations are required. Visit or call 1-855-NAVITAT (855-628-4828) for more details and to book your tour.



Don’t know what to do when traveling to Asheville? Check out recent recommendations from Forbes Travel Guide. Among them? Navitat Asheville! Featured alongside iconic Asheville destinations like the Biltmore Estate and The Grove Park Inn, we’re excited that Forbes identified Navitat as a must do for “those craving a little adventure.”

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About Forbes Travel Guide:

Since 1958, Forbes Travel Guide — originator of the Five Star Ratings — has established the benchmark for excellence in global hospitality. For more than 50 years, our professional inspectors have traveled the world to find the finest hotels, restaurants and spas, spotlighting each property’s best attributes through our Five-Star, Four-Star and Recommended ratings. (View source.)

In addition to hotels, restaurants and spas, Forbes reviewers also often visit area attractions and feature worthy destinations on their travel blog. We’re proud that Forbes correspondent Kristin Manieri enjoyed her visit to Navitat and chose to include us in her post for Forbes Travel Guide Blog!




Navitat-Sarah-MarcinkoA master’s level-educated plant ecologist, Navitat’s Education & Conservation Director, Sarah Marcinko Sheeran, leads our sustainability efforts. From implementing natural resource management plans for the land entrusted to us to training and educating our staff, Navitat’s investment in a full-time environmental leader is a level of commitment you won’t find anywhere else in our industry. At Navitat, we work to create a culture that is both knowledgeable and passionate about our homeHere, Sarah shares some thoughts about our most recent on-going training for Navitat staff, a visit to the nearby Big Ivy Historical Park. 

Learning about our local roots…



 We live in a spectacular place and, as citizens of our local community, Navitat strives to grow and inspire a sense of place among our guests, staff and neighbors.  In keeping with this philosophy, nearly 35 guides recently congregated at the Big Ivy Historical Park in Barnardsville, NC to explore some of our area’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

The Big Ivy Historical Park is located on the site of a former Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp from the 1930’s, which worked on several public land projects fighting forest fires, manning fire towers, planting trees, and building trails and roads, including the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The Little Snowball Mountain Fire Tower, a relic of early forest fire detection and suppression efforts which formerly sat on top of Little Snowball Mountain (near the Blue Ridge Parkway’s Craggy Gardens) is now in Big Ivy, one of the communities it protected.  The CCC program’s impact and legacy can be seen today in the trees, streams and trails of Pisgah National Forest, our nearby neighbor.

The Big Ivy Historical Park also contains the pre-Civil War cabin of Henry Stevens Carson, grandson of the founding family, Absolum and Rebecca Dillingham, of what is now known as the Big Ivy Community.  During our tour of the Big Ivy Historical Park, guides had the opportunity to interview Denny Dillingham – a 6th generation descendant of Absolum and Rebecca Dillingham – about the development and history of the Big Ivy Community.  Guides also toured a replica of the Big Ivy’s 1890′s one-room community school, which had on display an overview of the building of the Blue Ridge Parkway by the Civilian Conservation Corps and a glimpse into late 19th century school life.  One of our favorite scenes of the day (besides the beautiful scenery) was a chalk inscription stating, “People are History”.  We couldn’t agree more.



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What do you love about the Blue Ridge Mountains? Maybe it’s the jaw-dropping views and forests as far as the eye can see or the show-stopping spring wildflower displays and idyllic, clear blue streams. Perhaps you are a foodie and delight in the bounty of local seasonal food. Whatever your reason may be, you have conservation organizations to thank for protecting the natural riches of the Blue Ridge for current and future generations to enjoy.


We are infinitely grateful for all the work these organizations do. To show our appreciation Navitat is donating 10% of our sales on June 1 to the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC) in acknowledgement of Land Trust Day – an annual day of recognition in North Carolina, founded to coincide with National Trails Day, in order to recognize the contribution of land trusts in protecting natural resources. SAHC is a local, non-profit land trust that works to protect our region’s natural, scenic, recreational, agricultural, historic and cultural land. As one of the country’s oldest land trusts, SAHC has protected over 60,000 acres thus far, including Mt. Mitchell State Park, farms like Hickory Nut Gap in Fairview, NC that supply farm-to table fare, and a large portion of Navitat’s stunning vistas. It is these natural resources that define Navitat’s one-of-a-kind canopy tour experience. Where else can you immerse in trees, back-dropped by panoramic views of some of the most ancient mountains in the world?


The Blue Ridge Mountains have long been a destination for those seeking respite, relaxation and outdoor recreation opportunities, drawing millions of visitors every year and driving travel and tourism in Western North Carolina. Summer, in particular, brings throngs of hikers, bikers, horseback riders, boaters and rock climbers. The outdoor recreation industry alone contributes over $7 billion to North Carolina’s economy each year. This boon to our region’s economy is made possible by SAHC and other conservation groups dedicated to preserving the assets that make this place so incredibly special.

So, if you really love the Blue Ridge Mountains and all the fun, food, beauty and adventure our region has to offer, then go local and put your money where your heart is by zipping with us and supporting the businesses that are donating their proceeds to SAHC on Land Trust Day:

Navitat Canopy Adventures
Second Gear
Mast General Store
Bellagio Art to Wear
Jack of the Wood
Blue Spiral 1 Gallery
Bellagio Everyday
Early Girl Eatery
New Morning Gallery
Fine Arts Theatre
The Laughing Seed
The Weinhaus



April showers may very well bring May flowers (it certainly has been a wet spring!), but we are also greeted this time of year by the sights and sounds of neo-tropical migratory birds who call, literally, Moody Cove and the Southern Appalachians their home during the summer months. Hundreds of these aerial acrobats leave their tropical winter havens in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, some travelling thousands of miles, to breed and nest in the U.S. and Canada. Species like the unmistakable and strikingly beautiful Scarlet Tanager.


Did you know this comet of color is a long distant migrant that crosses the great expanse of the Gulf of Mexico twice each year between its breeding grounds in Eastern North America and wintering grounds in South America? Or, how about the atmospherically blue Indigo Bunting whose annual pilgrimage is a staggering 2,500 mile round trip?

In recent years, however, our avian friends face a variety of threats including habitat loss and fragmentation in both their nesting and wintering grounds, window collisions, toxic chemicals and predation by domestic cats. The plight and decline of migratory birds compelled us to take a moment to honor these amazing animals.

How many of you have considered how prominently yet oh-so-subtly, birds figure in our society? From icons and adornments to national symbols, our language and literature, too, are chock full of references to birds. You’re probably familiar with sayings such as, “light as a feather”, “like a duck to water” and “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. You also probably knew that several famous books and poems reference birds in their titles. Who could forget the required summer reading of “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “The Raven”? Our recreational pastimes, such as birdwatching, revolve around these feathered beings. In fact, 82 million Americans participate in birding – that’s nearly one-third of the population!


Here at Navitat we have been celebrating birds and the recent International Migratory Bird Day (generally recognized the second Saturday of May each year) by installing nest boxes, promoting trees and forests as important habitat for birds and sharing in the joys of birding with our guests and guides. You, too, can experience our avian friends by visiting your favorite forest and simply stopping, looking and listening to these serenading songsters. Looking for a most unique birding experience? Join us at Navitat for a zipline canopy tour through the treetops! Or, celebrate in your own backyard by placing a birdhouse, feeder or birdbath in your yard so those weary, migratory travelers have a warm home, food and fresh water before heading south again in the fall. If everyone chipped in a little bit here and there, well, that would be “just ducky”.

Navitat-Sarah-MarcinkoSarah Marcinko Sheeran
Education & Conservation Director
Navitat Canopy Adventures


Since launching Navitat Canpoy Adventures in May of 2010, our greater Western North Carolina community has been nothing but AWESOME to us! To celebrate this wonderful support – and to provide a great opportunity for EVERYONE in WNC to be able to zipline at Navitat – we are proud to announce that May 2013 is “Local Appreciation Month” at Navitat Asheville.

Western North Carolina residents can experience Navitat’s Zipline Canopy Tour at 50% OFF Sundays through Fridays from May 5th through May 24th. 

WNC: If you’ve always wanted to zip at Navitat but just haven’t had a chance, now is a great time to come check us out! Get your family or a group of friends together and call 855-628-4828 to book and receive this discount. Valid WNC resident ID is required at check-in. Discount is valid for WNC residents’ tour price only. Hope to see you at Navitat soon!



Welcome to the newest version of! We hope you love it as much as we do!

With the goal of thrilling, educating, and inspiring our guests, we know delivering on that promise starts right here—with an online experience that is second-to-none!

So go ahead—please take a look around! Here are just a few things that are brand new to the Navitat Canopy Adventures website:

Still to come?

We’ll announce information about our newest tour—a massive mountaintop zipline experience with awesome 360-degree views, currently under construction.

There’s also a new, online “Interactive Tour” in the works, where we’ll walk you through what a day at Navitat is really like! You’ll learn what to expect, get really excited, and be fully prepared for your day of ziplining with Navitat near Asheville, NC.


Who wouldn’t want to make a living while ziplining past an incredible view of the NC Blue Ridge Mountains?

Training for the highly sought after position of Navitat Zipline Canopy Guide is now in progress! In fact, zipline guide training has been going on since February as Navitat will be opening on March 23rd for an amazing 2013 season!

Yes, being a zipline guide is exciting indeed, but it also requires an extensive amount of training. (In addition to the basic prequalifying skills of first aid and cpr.) In fact, Navitat canopy guides go through a rigorous 70 hour training program developed by our team of zipline industry experts. The training includes both technical safety/rescue training and environmental education training. The latter is developed by our fulltime master’s level ecologist on staff. It may sound like a lot and it is, but our guides do this because they love it and just like any other job, being prepared is everything.

We know what you must be thinking. 70 hours of safety training?! Does that mean ziplining is dangerous? Well here’s the answer. We at Navitat do everything we can to minimize risk for our guests. It wouldn’t be a thrill without a little risk involved but our guests can rest assured because our zipline canopy guides are more than prepared for every scenario, even outrageous ones. The truth is, our guides learn skills they may never need to use, but they practice them nonetheless. Also, a zipline guide at Navitat is required to log 3 additional training hours every month of the season so that all skills can remain fresh and top of mind.
If you’re interested in seeing a training session firsthand, check out this video below of the Navitat Wrightwood team training with the LA County and San Bernardino County Firemen.


Well trained, competent and happy staff of Navitat
Many of our zipline guides think the really fun and exciting part of training is actually the environmental education. Not to worry, there is certainly no script that our guides follow and they won’t be spouting out random facts to you throughout your tour. They simply are trained to retain a healthy knowledge about the surrounding environment including the local trees, flora and fauna, the physical and cultural history of the site itself, edible vs poisonous plants, forest sustainability practices, and effective ways to communicate with our guests. This training helps to ensure that each guest comes away knowing something about the forest that they didn’t know when they arrived.

All that being said, our guides will be ready to take you on the best zipline canopy tour you could dream of beginning March 23rd!

If you’re ready to join us on this exciting adventure…


The zip line canopy tour industry is growing rapidly in North Carolina.  While that’s very exciting for our beautiful state, it means a bit of research is required of potential customers when deciding which tour would be the best Asheville zip line to meet their needs.  We at Navitat definitely encourage you to do some research prior to making a reservation with any zip line tour provider.

Now, we’re going to have to toot our own horn just a bit because, well, we don’t want anyone missing out on the Navitat experience.  We do tree-based adventures–and only tree-based adventures. It’s our focus, our passion, and our expertise. While other “adventure providers” are getting in on the zip line trend because it’s the “hot” thing to do right now, we were born to do tree-based adventure. Why? Because we believe that experiencing trees from a new perspective can be thrilling, educational and, ultimately, inspiring.

Here, to assist you in choosing an Asheville zip line tour for your next adventure, are a list of reasons that zip lining at Navitat exceeds guests expectiations time and time again.


1. We have THE BEST GUIDES! No really, they are so GREAT! Aside from being just generally awesome, interesting, and exciting people, they also have some serious skills. That’s right! Our guides have to complete a rigorous 70 hour technical and educational training program before becoming guides.  Their safety training comes directly from our COO who serves on the Operations Certifications Standard Committee of the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Their ecological training comes from a Master’s Level Ecologist that works for Navitat fulltime developing our educational and environmental programming. We hear our guides being praised so often that most of their ears must be constantly on fire.  Yes, they really are that good.  Don’t believe it?  Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp.


2. When you’re on a Navitat Asheville zip line tour you are immersed in nature, taking in nothing but gorgeous views and fresh air.  Sure, we’re 20 minutes North of Asheville, but trust us, that short drive is so worth it when you’re staring at a 6000 foot peak with not a building in sight.  You will see no houses or man made structures once you’re on our course… just trees and views for days.  In fact, we’re so off the grid that most people can’t even get cell phone service. But don’t worry, if you can’t go a second without updating your status, we do have a welcome center where you can stay plugged in.  All in all, this place we call Moody Cove is magical.


3.  Stats?  Oh, our stats are good.  Really good! You want height and speed?  We’ve got a lot of both and some length too! Did we mention we also have rappels and sky bridges? We have 10 zip lines, 2 sky bridges, and 2 rappels.  Our zip lines are as long as 1100 feet and as high as 200 feet off the ground.  And let’s not forget that they’re entirely tree-based.  You won’t be zipping from platforms in poles that were placed there in the last couple of years.  You’ll be zipping from platforms in large hundred plus year old trees that have withstood the test of time (and weather)!


4. In the end, Navitat exists because of people like you–people interested in experiencing the world (and particularly trees!) from a brand new perspective. And because we love our guests, we take care of ‘em… and we do it better than anyone else in the area.

We have smaller group sizes than the other Asheville zip line tours.  Our tours have a maximum of 8 people  (rather than 10-12 like the others).  This allows for increased safety, less crowded platforms, and an overall more personalized guest experience.

Our cancellation policy is the most generous we’ve heard of in our industry.  We understand that things come up. We want you to be happy and ready for your Navitat tour, so as long as you cancel more than 72 hours in advance of your tour time, you will receive a full refund.  We do operate rain or shine here, (zipping in the rain is fun!) but if severe weather comes up, we’re sometimes forced to cancel your tour.  We wish we could wave our magic wands Harry Potter style and make every day brilliant for you, but since we can’t, we’ll offer you a rain check or full refund should we have to cancel due to severe weather.

Add all of these reasons to a longer tour with higher, faster zip lines and more course elements and you can see why Navitat is worth every penny!

Join us this season and see for yourself why we’re not afraid to claim that Navitat is the BEST zip line tour around! BOOK YOUR TOUR NOW!